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Describe a book you have read recently?

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bởi quangphu412 ● Cộng Tác Viên Thần đồng (1.2k điểm)
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One of several books I recently read was "At Home: A Short History of Private Life" by Bill Bryson. It is a large, factual book covering a wide range of topics. It is essentially a collection of knowledge and tales about our personal life, both past and current. 

The book is primarily about items that have been added to our houses throughout time. The author began by inquiring about the origin of the whole of his house. It lacks a storyline since it is a nonfiction book instead of a novel.

Each chapter of the book delves into the history of a specific room. For example, the kitchen chapter discusses the history of flushing toilets, electricity, fuel cooking, and so forth. The bathroom chapter delves into drainage, cleanliness, and privacy history. The book includes so much intriguing material that I believe I will then have to reread it anyway to comprehend it fully.

In terms of who might appreciate it, I believe anyone who is passionate about learning and prefers learning new things would appreciate reading this piece. It would also appeal to a busy individual since it is a fantastic book to dip in and out of because it does not need you to follow a tale like you would with a novel. 

You may go through it in chronological order or even page by page because there is something new to learn on every page. Even if it is an actual book, each chapter is structured like a tale, so it guides the story to all types of unanticipated locations, and it was a genuine page-turner for me.

I enjoy this book since I learned so much from it, and it has helped me look within my own house with new eyes, appreciating how far we have gone in a short amount of time in terms of construction, innovation, brightness, safety, and so on.

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bởi minhquangphung19012010612 Thạc sĩ (5.5k điểm)
It's thick, nice and adds alot of knowledge about life for me.

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