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What is your favorite pet? Why do you like this animal? Do you have one at home? What does the animal look like? What is its name? How old is it? Write a passage about it.

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Pets are more than just animals that live with us. They become a part of our family because they provide us with so much comfort. I've always wanted a pet, and my mother surprised me with a puppy last summer. He was the cutest and most beautiful puppy I'd ever seen, and he became my responsibility. It was a suitable breed with soft paws, indicating expensive breeding. Comet is the name we chose for our new golden retriever. Comet was covered in golden fur and had long ears. His eyes were always bright, and he was a bundle of happiness. As he ran around our lawn, his golden coat glistened in the sunlight. He enjoyed roasted chicken and dog food. He'd cuddle up next to me in my bed at night and fall asleep. My father had built a small sleeping quarter for Comet, but he never used it. He enjoyed sleeping beside me at night. Comet was an energetic dog. We took him to the field twice a day because he enjoyed walks. He became extremely popular among my friends, who adored him. Dogs are the most devoted animals, and Comet was no exception. He recognized all of us by our smell. Comet adored my mother, and whenever she returned home from work, he would jump on her and lick her face. All he wanted was a peck on the back of the head. My mother would lovingly scratch his neck, and Comet would bask in all the attention. He was the family's favorite. We treated him like any other member and took him with us everywhere. Comet loved riding in the car when we went on road trips. When the wind ruffled his fur and he enjoyed the warm sunlight, he would bark joyfully. Comet was fiercely protective of my younger brother. He had met him when he was only two months old, and they had clicked. Comet would protect Jess while he slept and would not allow anyone to touch him. My mother was initially concerned about allowing a dog to approach Jess, but when she saw how caring Comet was towards Jess, she did not object. Jess had never been scared of Comet. We'd strap him to Comet's back and have Comet carry him around the house. Both of them would be overjoyed; Jess would laugh lustfully, and Comet would bark with delight. Jess would pet him and stroke his fur, and Comet would cuddle up next to his crib. Caring for a pet becomes challenging. We must look after them and make sure they go to the vet on a regular basis. Ticks and other skin infections must be avoided. Maintaining a pet entails many responsibilities, which we must fulfill in order to do what is best for our pets.

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