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What are you going to do this summer vacation? (30-40 words)

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bởi nhthuyvy16 ● Cộng Tác Viên Thạc sĩ (9.0k điểm)
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This summer, I'll be visiting Nha Trang with my family, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. We will travel there by bus, and it will be a long journey, so we may become tired. We'll be there for three days. Nha Trang is most likely interesting. The beach is very beautiful, large, and full of sand. The Waves are very powerful, so playing with them will excite you. There are many beautiful spots and delicious seafood in Nha Trang. We'll be staying in a nice and comfortable hotel near the beach. We will exercise in the morning, eat breakfast, and then swim in the sea. After 4 hours of lunch, we will go swimming and then take the boat for 30 minutes. We'll take a lot of photos because the scenery will be stunning. The weather is ideal, and the people are warm and welcoming. The trip will be fantastic, so I'm looking forward to my summer vacation!

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bởi minhquan1532000 Cử nhân (4.9k điểm)

In the summer vacation I go to Hai Tien Beach. The beach is so beautiful and it so overcrowed.

Everyone wearing swimwear and swim.

that are .
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Chào bạn uyen63

With good academic performance, last summer my parents rewarded me for a beautiful and vibrant Vung Tau beach trip. I could not express my feelings: both happy and proud because this is the reward I gained after a process of striving.


Sitting in the car, watching the street early in the morning, I saw the city where I was so beautiful! On both sides of the road planted two rows of lush, green trees like straight soldiers marching on parades. As we walked along the road, watching the scene, we finally reached the sea. The dreamy Vung Tau Sea, but also full of life, made me fall in love and forget the words my mother told me when I went to take a bath.


The salty smell of the sea in the gentle breeze blowing through my hair made me feel very excited. When my family checked in, looking from the window of the fifth floor, I saw the panoramic view of the beloved Vung Tau city, this is a beautiful and developed city, just a tourist city.


It was so beautiful today, the clear sky was a blue, without a cloud. There are a few seabirds flying in the sky as if to join with the fun of the tourists here! The sun looks like a brilliant fire ball in a clear blue. When my parents told me I could go to the beach, I was happy to run as fast as the fish I met, I was looking forward to this moment for a long time!


The soft, cool sandy beach makes me feel like I'm standing on a light yellow carpet of velvet. Walking away a bit, my feet touched the waves over the shore. Naughty waves patted my legs in waves, one by one.


Cool seawater! The sea is endless. The sea is like a giant mirror reflecting the image of the sky. Looks like I have to kick something! A! Are snail shells. Looking at the sea water, sparkling under the beautiful sunshine! The ivory white, the red, the light pink, ... so beautiful, I will gather them to go home to make bracelets or decorate the small room.


Seeing the beach, the colorful parachutes look as vivid as giant lollipops. Tourists come here to swim very crowded, including domestic tourists and foreign tourists. All of them are very happy and friendly, seem to return here to forget the tiredness, to enjoy life so Everyone's face is bright and happy.


On the beach, visitors play sports games, which look fun, like: volleyball, water polo. Far away, many tourists sail and surf, the children build sand castles or run and jump with the waves. The whole family bathed together, having fun together.


It is very difficult to go to Vung Tau beach without eating seafood. Dad brought me and my family to a popular restaurant on the beach to eat: clams, shrimp, squid, crab, ... Delicious! Afternoon, my family went to the hotel to rest and prepare the luggage to go home. Looking out, I saw a red sky. My mother said it was cooking rice. Unlike the morning, it was sunset on the sea with a few colorful clouds floating. They look like colorful cotton candy that my mother bought for me when I was young.


The sea is calm, quieter than the sea in the morning. There were few people on the beach because they were like us, they all went to rest ... It's time for us to return. Before getting on the car, I looked at the sea and felt sorry. I will try to study well so that my parents will give me the next trip. This picturesque and vivacious Vung Tau beach will forever imprint on my heart as a beautiful memory.

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bởi Ngoduykhai (-707 điểm)

This summer I stayed at home to watch all filmi like . Films were good so I enjoyed it.


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