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"Tonight I sleep the round 
She is the wind of human life. " 
In this life, someone did not grow up in mother's arms, was heard Matthew bid ru sweet deal, a pharmacist who would not dream of sinking into the wind, her hand fan every sultry summer afternoon. And in this life, one love by his mother, one for life because I like her, someone ready to share with her as her sweet fleshy. 
For me too, she is most interested in me and who I loved and the most indebted in the world. I used to think my mother was not beautiful. Not because there is a beautiful white skin, round face recovery or sparkling eyes ... but her face just skinny, tanned, high forehead, the wrinkles of the age of 40, of how anxiety in life in the upper corner of her eye. But my father told her more beautiful than other women in the intellectual beauty. Yes, my mother was smart, agile, very resourceful. On the position of a leader, who thinks his mother is cold, harsh. there are times when I thought so. but when his mother sat, her hands caressing my hair, everyone thought it all disappear. I have the sensation lightheadedness, anxiety hard to describe, feeling like I have never received so much love. It looks like a strong dotted line passed through her hands deep my heart, eye, lips tenderly, the sweet smile, ... through all of the parents. just love it when people close to her long before you feel all right. From small to large, I received the infinite love of the mother as a gift, a natural thing. 
In the eyes of a child, she was born to care for children. I never ask the question: Why do parents accept unconditional sacrifice for me? . Good mother, very good to me but sometimes I think parents are so worthy, so ... evil. How many times, she yelled at me, I cried. Cry for depression depression, where rather than weep bitterly regret. Then for a time ... I came home from school, my mother read her diary stolen. I was immediately very, immediately pulling the diary from her hand and shouted: "Why the mother too much! This is the secret of the child, the mother can not work on. Mother very ill, I do not need her anymore! "Just thought I would eat a slap hurt. But not just silence the mother, pale cheeks, healthier eyes brimming. There is something that I did not dare look into her eyes.

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My mother is the one who I love most in my life. For what she’s done, she deserved with the whole world. My mother is a 43-year-old household wife. She’s tall, slim and especially she has a beautiful long black hair. She always smile thus everyone consider her a friendly person. My mom loves every members of the family with all her heart. She agreed to be a household woman instead of working out. My mother takes care of the household chorces. She wakes up earliest in the morning and goes to bed latest in the night. And during the day, she’s very busy. I remember once when my mother got sick so nobody did the house work and everything went to crazy. From then, my father and I join hand to help mother whenever we have free time. She’s really happy about that. When I was a kid, mom taught me to play piano at each weekend. I still remember the songs which includes many childhood’s experiences. Not only taught me to play piano, she also taught me to be a better human. I love the moral stories that she told me before I fell asleep every night. We’re really appreaciate mother’s effort, patient and her hard work to conserve the family’s happiness. My mother is an indispensable part of my life. When I grow up, I want to be a woman like her.

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The one i love most is my mother. She is tall and rather thin
She is a warm kindly person with an oval face and a long-silky hair.
My mother loves us very much. She is used to staying up late and getting up early to earn money and take care of us. She is strict thanks to that we are educated into a good person.I will try to study well to satisfy my mother's faith.

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