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(Use your experiences and examples to support your ideas)

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Although it is clearly beneficial for everyone to use the library, we tend to spend time on the phone rather than going to the library and reading a real book. This forms a trend in different generations, and “Gen Z” can see it clearly. To persuade more people to come to the library and enjoy it, I will shed light on some advantages of this phenomenon. Firstly, all kinds of libraries play an important role across the country by providing safe, accessible, and completely free educational resource centres for all society members. It makes no difference how much money you make at a library because all resources, including books, the internet, and professional and educational training volunteer programs, are completely free with no extra cost. For example, every library, not only in Vietnam but also in every single place in the world, is all equipped with a great number of modern computers, which allows people to use them. Everyone, either individuals or families, regardless of social status, can rely on their libraries to provide them with the resources they need to succeed as well as answers to important questions that they would otherwise be unable to find. Secondly, it is hard to recognise, but the library could help improve the economy of the local area. Because they are free to everybody, few people think about the economic role libraries play, but libraries play an important role in financially improving the communities. They provide a workspace for telecommuters, free internet access for those looking for work, and career and training programs for those in need. For instance, not every business has its own place to work. We can easily meet some organisation book a room in the library to work due to the lack of money. As a result, we could see how multi-tasking the library is. Finally, it is an ideal place to conserve what we call “history”. Libraries, which hold millennia of knowledge, information, history, and truth, play a vital role in the fight against disinformation. There is no doubt that library usually has existed for a long time. They are just renovated without any changes in the information it contains. Therefore, libraries assist in keeping the people informed with facts rather than being confused with fiction by giving free connection to educational, news, and historical resources. They serve as a nexus of information, with their leaders, the librarians, serving as torchbearers for facts. While they may have a large fiction department, libraries are nonetheless some of the most ardent supporters of truth. In summary, libraries are the greatest place and destination that every society or community should have. Not only can it bring knowledge to the locals, but it also provides a myriad of facilities to the dwellers.

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Some people think that nowadays men and women share equal roles. Write a paragraph (100-120 words) to give your opinion about that idea. You should base on some suggestions below: - Do you agree or disagree with the idea? - Why do you agree/ disagree? Explain and give specific examples to support your opinion.
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What is your favorite kind of music? Why do you like this music? How do you feel when you listen to music? Write a passage.
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What do you think about the wonders of science? Write your opion.
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What's your places of interest in your area?  What can you do there? 
đã hỏi 31 tháng 7, 2022 trong Tiếng Anh lớp 9 bởi Ynnakimeun
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Write about what you have to/ don't have to do in the house and what your brother or sister does/ doesn't have to do. - You may use these prompts:  + do the shopping + tidy the room + put the rubbish out + do the washing - up + feed the cat/ pigs + make the bed + prepare lunch/ dinner
đã hỏi 13 tháng 11, 2019 trong Tiếng Anh lớp 8 bởi nhokmeoyeutien Cử nhân (1.6k điểm)
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Write an email to a friend about the picnic you enjoyed (Viết email về những hoạt động hay buổi đi chơi để nói cho bạn bè)
đã hỏi 12 tháng 3, 2022 trong Tiếng Anh lớp 12 bởi Khách
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                                             Cùng chia sẻ nào How important is TV to you ? What is your dream ? What do you think of sports ? Where do you go fishing ? When is your birthday ? What are you going to do this weekend ?  
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