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Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about

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So when it comes to this topic, which is about a person whom I only met once but they have left a strong impression on me, the first one that just pops up in my mind at the moment is a businessman in a workshop. If I am not mistaken, I knew about it because I scrolled in my leisure time and came across a post on Facebook. Actually, I did not have a tendency to that workshop because it was too far and I was kinda lazy. However, I was kinda exhausted because of my hectic schedule in high school and; as a result, I decided to find something interesting to rewind and recharge my battery. And, yeah, I decided to try my luck there.

A little bit about him, he is a CEO of a famous logistic company, which possesses one of the logistic apps in Vietnam. He is famous for his talents and his good looks as well. So that is why my friends keep insist me going to the workshop with them. But I have to admit that he is really handsome by the way. 

So back to the topic. The reason why I was impressed was his skills in analyzing the data in his company. He demonstrated to everyone in the workshop a lot of examples in his speech. He also has a presentation with tons of figures, which were beyond my knowledge at that time since I was just a high school student. I was really shocked when I first saw them. When he started to analyse those numbers, I have to admit that I had no idea what I had said, but luckily, he had some illustrations and also highlighted some important parts, so I was still able to be all ears and get a whole picture throughout the workshop. I still remember vividly one of his examples is that based on a high number of searches in the evening, he decided to launch more promotional codes to attract more people to use his app to buy. I think it is the right way to attract customers since I am actually the one in his example.

Then, moving to QnA time. I also saw that he could answer most questions from the audience. Although I did not understand much about that field, I also wanted to contribute to his speech. I did not know why I was so brave when I actually raised my hand to ask. Then he actually invited me for the next person. I was really nervous that I asked a silly question, but it is included in his previous speech. The surrounding audience as well as my friends laughed a lot but he did not. He tried to calm everybody down and explained it again to me. In the end, he asked me again to confirm that whether I was one hundred per cent with his answer. I was really shy at that moment but I also was really thankful because he treated me so well. I guess that from that moment, he has become my favourite person in my mind in this business field.

So yeah, he actually would be the role model that inspires me a lot in my business journey in the future. I hope that I will have another chance to meet him in person one day in the near future. Or maybe, I hope I could even be successful to be a partner working with him.


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