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Choose a person in your class to write about. Explain how the person looks and what his or her personality is like.

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My teacher is one of the people in my class about whom I want to write. Teachers essentially are important in our lives because a generally ideal teacher particularly is responsible for the development of the students. Teachers play a critical role in laying a for all intents and purposes solid foundation of fundamental knowledge, not only for subjects but also for life, or so they really thought. What we definitely learn in school mostly is mostly what we use later in life when we mostly have to essentially make important decisions or for the most part perform other critical tasks, which really is quite significant. Having a teacher with whom you literally are particularly comfortable can for the most part be a huge benefit, as it can mostly help you move through kind of your school years much more easily in a subtle way. A good teacher can also mostly serve as a mentor, guiding you throughout really your life, not just in academics.I for all intents and purposes am a 10th-grade student at a really well-known pretty private school. My school generally has definitely many excellent teachers, but everyone has one in general particular for whom they for the most part are grateful in a major way. Similarly, Mr. Manish fairly Khandelwal Sir is my basically favorite teacher in a big way. Manish Sir teaches us math and mostly has a very appealing personality, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. He for all intents and purposes is very polite and humble, and we all mostly adore him. He specifically is also the person most trusted by parents and teachers, as he constantly strives to create a balanced environment in which students can work hard academically while also having fun, which is reasonably significant.

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Write a letter to your friend explaining what you are doing in this class. Tell about the assignments that you have and the writing skills that you are practicing,
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Write about what you plan to study (your major) in college. Why did you choose this subject? What classes are going to be easy for you, and what classes are going to be difficult? How long is it going to take you to get your degree?
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Choose a member of your family. Write a paragraph about this person. Give general information. Include the person's name, age, nationality, job, hobbies, etc.
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Choose a city.Imagine you have just arrive in that city and want to tell your friends about it.Make notes below: When did you arrive who are you with where are you staying what have you done what are you doing tomorrow how are you felling  
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Think about a special project or event that is going to happen in your neighborhood, city, or country. What is going to happen? When will it happen? Why is it happening? When will this project finally be completed?
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Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about
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