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expensive      dangerous         waste

accidents       make         performances

crowds          preserve

Disadvantages of Festivals

Although people love festivals very much, there are also some disadvantages. First, festivals are very costly. Because the general purpose of festivals is to (26) ___________ cultural heritages, a nation is willing to spend a lot of money on this. Moreover, during a festival, most people do not work but spend money on (27)___________ gifts for their friends and relatives. 

Second, festivals can be dangerous. People may drink a lot during a festival and cause road (28)________. In many festivals, there are races like cow-racing and elephant racing which may be (29)___________,  especially for children. Moreover, in some festivals, when people rush to see the events, they may also (30)__________ other people to get hurt. Third, festivals may affect the environment. After a festival, the roads are full of colorful paper, flowers, (31)____________ cans or bottles that people throw away. Trees along the roadsides may be damaged by the (32)_____­­­_______ . Furthermore, the noise from music and other (33)_________ also cause noise pollution.

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26. Preserve 


28. Accidents 

29. Dangerous 


31. Waste

32. Crowds




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Question 10.___________ is the most popular individual outdoor activity in the UK. A. staying indoors B. walking C. playing football D. doing DIY Question 11. If you have to do home improvements, ___________ is a good way to save money. A. staying indoors B. ... , young people ______________ with tradition by living far from their parents. A. are breaking B. broke C. were breaking D. have broken
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