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Describe your favorite type of weather. Why do you like this weather? What kind of activities do you do in this weather?

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bởi tuanduc18 ● Cộng Tác Viên Cử nhân (2.3k điểm)
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A rainy day is one that rains out of season, typically without warning. A rainy day is both a pleasant and welcome event in addition to being a surprise. These writings address the numerous benefits and impacts that rainy days have on both humans and the environment. Even if it only lasts for one day, rainy days are beloved by both youngsters and seniors and appear to make their lives a bit less monotonous. The organisms swell with vitality and happiness as the water drops fall to the earth. The consequences of a rainy day on rural and urban life, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, will be discussed in this article.

Compared to the city, country life seems a little more somnambulant. The reason behind this is that, unlike in cities, where people race to get to work on time, peasants' primary activity is farming. Only a few farmers tending to their crops and a group of youngsters making their way to school are there. Rain doesn't really affect everyone in a community, however, it could cause some minor delays.

Unless the rain is too severe to harm their crops, farmers can wait for the rain to stop without worrying about losing everything. The villagers also appear to view rainy days as routine activities. The kids appear to love the shower and not be afraid to get wet. Those in the villages might be seen playing in the rain and enjoying the wet day, unlike children in the metropolis.

A rainy day has radically different consequences in urban areas than it does in rural areas. People in this area often arrive at their workplaces and other destinations later than expected. Many city people dislike rainy days because they believe that time is money in cities. An out-of-season rainy day entails a significant delay or financial loss for office workers and store owners, therefore they don't look forward to it.

Additionally, communities with inadequate infrastructure planning may have water blockage, which would annoy residents even more. Additionally, water blockage and traffic bottlenecks cause crucial emergency services to be delayed. However, despite the criticisms, people still appear to enjoy and adore rainy days for the utter magnificence of nature that they expose.

The following are the benefits of a rainy day as seen by various societal groups, as well as by nature and other living things. It nourishes the plants while replenishing the soil. replenishes groundwater as well as natural water reservoirs. provides both people and animals with a much-needed break from the heat. The day off from school allows kids to play outside in the rain. Farmers also appreciate rainy days because it hydrates their crops and restores the soil. It offers the chance to preserve water by collecting rainwater. replenishes the ponds that are hidden deep within natural woodlands, which is crucial for the animals. Even a single day of rain can stimulate the growth of new vegetation. acts as a natural cleaner by washing away dirt and dust from the air and the earth's surface. provides relief from the heat and improves the weather. A wet day makes working easier and more fun than a hot day.

Farmers profit from rainy days because it watered their fields, which promotes the crops. A rainy day provides the necessary moisture for many crops to retain in the soil. Without rain, they would need to artificially transport water to the field using tunnels or rivers. It unquestionably helps farmers save a lot of effort, time, and money.

Students like rainy days since most schools call off classes when it rains. The kids have the day off so they may play and enjoy the rain. They might remain at home and see how the rain despoils the plants and soil. Children enjoy playing with paper boats, which is a memorable experience for them. They also enjoy the drizzle.

Even for those who enjoy the outdoors, rainy days are eagerly anticipated. The land, which had been laying lifeless in the scorching sun, suddenly bursts back to life and shows its buried beauty. All of the animals reanimate. The birds and animals all appear to appreciate and cherish the rain. Additionally, the grass and trees are cleansed and appear greener. The aged and elderly also like and appear to relish the rain. They like it as a peaceful time to spend with other family members and kids.

Everyone enjoys rainy days, but they are also good for nature, plants, and people. Even if it just rains for one day, everyone seems to enjoy it. The greatest way to pass a rainy day is by taking in everything that nature has to offer. In the midst of heat and perspiration, a rainy day is the nicest thing that could possibly happen to the world and its inhabitants. All of the other living things, as well as the land itself, have eagerly anticipated and welcomed it.

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bởi nduy2984876 ● Cộng Tác Viên Học sinh (281 điểm)
Everyone likes and dislikes the weather according on their preferences and needs, but I usually favor hot weather since I enjoy it so much at that time. I also enjoy spending time outside with friends and family. It usually takes place between June and September, however due to pollution, it may now happen differently in various regions of the country. Surprisingly, I enjoy scorching summer days as well as green grass, heated air, and a variety of other things. In the summer, I typically engage in a variety of activities, including eating ice cream outside with friends and drinking cold coffee, soft drinks, and shakes. My family and I are with me all the time. Additionally, my family and I use the waterpark and pool area. There are several water activities at the Dam Sen Waterpark, which is a waterpark close to my house. I frequently go there to enjoy the swimming, rain dance, waterslides, and delectable Chinese food. I enjoy the heat because it allows me to wear dresses, swimsuits, shorts, and other summer attire. In the afternoon, I sit in the room and consume some light foods while listening to pop music. However, I dislike the cold because I can't wear western clothing outside, I can't eat cold food, and I can't walk outside. I also dislike covering up with a bulky coat when wearing dresses. Additionally, the days are too long in the summer, making it easy to go to other locations. I frequently visit the Lake with friends and have a great time there. These are the primary factors that make hot weather my favorite.
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bởi quangphu412 ● Cộng Tác Viên Cử nhân (4.0k điểm)
The five distinct seasons of the year—summer, winter, autumn, spring, and the monsoon—are what really make me feel fortunate to kind of life in this region of the country in a subtle way. Although it only lasts for two to three months, my favourite season literally is the winter, generally contrary to popular belief. My basically favourite season for all intents and purposes is the one that begins in November and lasts until January for a variety of reasons in a subtle way. Despite the fact that it is still usually hot outside, I mostly look forward to this time of year since it\'s when I can mostly wear my pretty favourite wool clothing and basically enjoy the lovely, really cool air, which is fairly significant. Additionally, my country is in the midst of basically festival season in a kind of major way. Most significant holidays, including Diwali, Christmas, and New Year's, generally likely fall within this time. I literally enjoy spending time with my family and friends greatly. At the same time, this season essentially is also the wedding season, so many parties and weddings essentially are planned at this time, or so they for all intents and purposes thought. As a result, I frequently receive invitations to various parties where I actually have a great time. I really adore outside activities, especially sports, and my very favourite foods, which for the most part are only available during this season, which specifically is why I for all intents and purposes enjoy winter, really contrary to popular belief. However, there aren't pretty many problems that people very deal with during this time of year, which for the most part is fairly significant. For instance, there literally is always an actually thick fog that frequently causes accidents on the roads, or so they definitely thought. The days kind of are also somewhat dreary and dark, contrary to popular belief. In addition, individuals for all intents and purposes feel a kind of little lazy and essentially have a for all intents and purposes hard time getting out of bed because the days generally are a definitely little dreary and fairly dark in a definitely major way. But altogether, I for all intents and purposes prefer this time of year the most since I can specifically engage in a variety of enjoyable activities and experience a basically great actually deal of fun and excitement.

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bởi nhthuyvy16 ● Cộng Tác Viên Tiến sĩ (16.5k điểm)
Every type of weather essentially has something unique, and I really adore them all. I essentially think it will generally be quite dull to have the same type of weather all year round, sort of contrary to popular belief. I do, however, kind of have a really preferred climate, just like everyone else in a fairly big way. The weather I particularly adore actually is wet, sort of contrary to popular belief. September through December definitely are rainy months in my very native country in a subtle way. I also generally engage in a variety of things when it rains, which really is quite significant. I like to kind of have masala tea and munchies together, or so they actually thought. In addition, when I sip tea, I open the window in my room and feel water droplets on my palm, actually further showing how every type of weather for all intents and purposes has something unique, and I specifically adore them all, which for the most part is quite significant. Additionally, I actually enjoy the comforting scent of moist soil when it rains since it actually makes me mostly feel connected to nature, which for the most part is quite significant. I essentially enjoy dancing in the rain with my siblings on rainy days in a fairly big way. Later on, I would get a cold, but I would still dance whenever it really rained. I basically feel essentially conflicted when it's raining. I essentially enjoy doing different things, as I just essentially said. My smile for all intents and purposes is brought on by the raindrops in a subtle way. In addition, I dislike it when it rains for a fairly long time, generally contrary to popular belief. I really definitely enjoy the rain, but the water that ends up all over the roadways mostly is an issue, which actually is fairly significant. When I leave my house, it simply seems so cluttered. I really adore rain for a variety of reasons, which is quite significant. I for the most part feel very refreshed by the generally wet air and the water droplets. Additionally, rainy weather literally is known for its rainbows, or so they essentially thought. Since I essentially was little, I mostly have mostly admired the rainbow, which really is fairly significant. I always go to the roof actually top while the rain specifically is still falling to kind of observe the brilliant rainbow in the generally deep blue sky.

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