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Nowadays people use bicycles less as a form of transport. Why is this the case? What can we do to encourage people to use bicycles more?

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Despite the tremendous social benefits that bicycles have in recent years, they are no longer a preferred mode of transportation. This tendency can be explained by either its slower tempo in comparison to others or the dearth of bike infrastructure present in most urban areas. To address the aforementioned issues, this essay will also cover a number of remedies, such as the government's investment in road infrastructure and adjustments to the taxation of various types of automobiles.

There are several distinct causes for the statistical drop in bicycle usage. It's possible that motorcycles' modest riding pace contributes to the general lack of enthusiasm for the idea of using them. Bicycles are therefore no longer an optimal form of transportation in comparison to automobiles or motorbikes, for example, in the busy world where people are compelled to be faster in an effort to please society's demands. Instead, some people are only supposed to use biking as a form of physical exercise. In addition, there are less and fewer riding lanes, particularly in urban areas, which puts cyclists at risk anytime they ride on important streets where they must share the road with commuters using other modes of transportation.


Despite the aforementioned factors, the government can still address this problem by putting in place some measures to promote the use of bicycles. Building bike lanes away from the main street is the first action that must be taken. This project will hopefully serve as a motivating factor, encouraging more people to use bicycles as daily transportation and reducing traffic congestion in major cities. In addition, the government should think about raising taxes on cars and motorcycles because they drive up the cost of owning these vehicles while simultaneously driving down the price of bicycles because of their benefits to the environment. As a result, there is a rise in the number of bicycles being used.


In conclusion, there are several factors that contribute to this phenomena, such as the lack of cycling lanes and the dissatisfying aspect of its pace. However, the authority could resolve these issues by either altering the pricing laws pertaining to modes of transportation or building accessible lanes for cyclists in the neighborhood. If these actions are not taken, this situation will endure and, as a result, cause future difficulties with air pollution and citizens' physical health.


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