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Write an essay to explain why deforestation matters and what can we do to stop it.

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bởi tuanduc18 ● Cộng Tác Viên Cử nhân (2.3k điểm)
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Deforestation is the removal or clearing of trees and forests for human use, such as for agriculture, building housing, business, or other development. Just over 4 billion hectares of the earth's land surface, or around 31% of it, and over 71.22 million hectares of India's total land area are covered by forests. The extent of deforestation is greater in subtropical and tropical forests. These spaces are transformed into profitable applications. There are about 16 million square kilometers of tropical rainforest on Earth, but due to deforestation, just 6.2 square kilometers remain. The pace of net worldwide forest loss from 2010 to 2020 was 7 million hectares per year, according to the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020.

Agricultural practices are the main cause of deforestation. Around 80% of deforestation, according to FAQ, is caused by agriculture. The farmer clears the forest of its trees in order to maintain his way of life and cultivate the land there. A considerable quantity of land is required for the cultivation of crops as a result of the growing population and the resulting rise in food product demand; as a result, farmers are forced to clear forests in order to cultivate crops on that land.

In addition, there is a growing need for paper, matchsticks, furniture, etc. In order to produce this item, wood-based businesses need a sizable quantity of wood. Everyone's life depends heavily on paper. Every year, enough paper is wasted to equal the annual growth of 640 million trees. It is claimed that we must always recycle paper for this reason. Many people cut down trees and burn wood as fuel in order to produce food. Coal may also be made from wood. Every home has a wooden door, window, and several other wooden fixtures. These factors lead to high demand for wood, which fuels the process of deforestation.

Furthermore, roads are built in order to provide access to these locations. To create roadways, trees are once more chopped down. The growth of cities is directly responsible for the increase in population, which in turn has led to a demand for more housing, roads, and other infrastructure, which forces residents to chop trees for a living.

Many petrochemical businesses discharge their waste into rivers, which causes soil erosion and renders the land unsuitable for growing plants and trees. Forest land is needed for the extensive extraction of coal and oil. Mining waste damages the ecosystem and has an impact on other animals.

Forest fires are one more factor. Thousands of trees are destroyed by forest fires every year. The area's high temperatures and milder winters are to blame for forest fires. In many locations, human negligence is to blame for the fire. Forest cover is severely lost as a result of fires, whether they are man-made or natural. We are all aware of how quickly the world's population is growing, which is another factor contributing to deforestation. People fell trees, then built dwellings on the site. 

The lungs of our world are the forests. As they absorb carbon dioxide, trees exhale oxygen, which is necessary for life. Trees also give the soil a shed, which keeps the soil wet. Trees also emit water vapor, which helps keep the temperature humid. However, as a result of deforestation, the climate gets drier and hotter, which complicates ecology and causes climate change. Additionally, a forest fire is mostly caused by this issue.

Deforestation causes animals and plants that makeup flora and fauna to suffer on a global scale. Many animal species disappear, lose their habitats, and are compelled to relocate. They have an extremely hard time adapting to unfamiliar environments. Erosion of the soil is caused by tree cutting. The extensive root systems of several layers of trees hold the rich soil in place. When there are no trees, erosion frequently occurs and the ground is swept into surrounding rivers. When trees are taken down, the sun is directly shining on the land, which dries it up. Floods, biodiversity loss, the collapse of the food web, the extinction of species, and the loss of habitat are mostly caused by deforestation.

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bởi nhthuyvy16 ● Cộng Tác Viên Tiến sĩ (16.5k điểm)
Deforestation is the act of reducing, eradicating or leveling a wooded region on land. Deforestation can occasionally be caused by natural factors, but most of the time, human activity is to blame. On the ecology, the climate, and the living species, deforestation has detrimental effects. Deforestation is the removal of trees to create a way for human development such as highways, factories, buildings, etc. There is always an option, even if deforestation occasionally may appear required for infrastructure development.

The environment is being threatened by deforestation. In reality, a third of the planet's surface is covered by wood, which is essential to maintaining the peace of the ecosystem. Additionally, they support around 80% of the biodiversity on land. In order to maintain the environment clean and fresh enough to support a variety of species, forests act as the planet's lungs.

They also produce climatic phenomena like rain and conserve vital natural resources like soil and water. By reducing runoff flow and allowing it to sink into the soil for a longer period of time, forests avoid floods. The ecology suffers more harm the more woods are destroyed. Without trees, the planet's climate would be too hostile for any type of life to exist. No water, no flora, no rain, and no indication of life would exist on the planet.

A forest is said to be encroaching upon when people enter its boundaries, endangering the peace and natural balance of the forest as a whole. Numerous activities, such as towns, agriculture, and cattle grazing, may cause intrusion into the forest. The ecological equilibrium and biodiversity of the forest will be harmed by any human intervention. Additionally, if the harm can be repaired at all, it takes decades. The desire for wood for various purposes is one of the primary causes of deforestation. For manufacturing furniture, fuel, paper, craft products, and a number of other things, wood is necessary. A significant quantity of deforestation has occurred all across the world as a result of the commercial worth of wood. Hundreds of years old forests are hacked down to provide timber for various businesses. Large wooded areas have been destroyed mostly due to forest fires. Every year, massive fires break out in any of the world's woods. Both natural disasters and human activity have the potential to start these flames. The outcomes are devastating and extremely detrimental to the local environment and biodiversity in both instances.

The two-step corrective approach that stops deforestation involves prevention and restoration. First and foremost, any harm to the forest due to human trespass or other causes must be avoided at all costs. Any expansion into a wooded region should be strictly prohibited and the boundaries must be clearly marked off from human habitation. The necessity to protect the tranquility of the forest and the conservation of species must be made clear to those who live close to the forests.

Another admirable step toward returning the forest and ecosystem to its natural form is the restoration of the forest. It is necessary to locate uninhabited areas or forests that have already been decimated by human activity and plant trees there in an effort to restore the woods. Even if it could take some time, it will be worthwhile to try to restore the forest.

The ecosystem and other things are severely impacted by deforestation. It has an impact on nearly every living organism that has ever been in the natural world, including people. Deforestation primarily causes an ecological imbalance by producing a loss of biodiversity. The variety of life and species on the earth is known as biodiversity. As only a small number of species, including humans, can survive in human settlements, a significant portion of the earth's biodiversity is supported by the woods. Millions of species, including those mammals, reptiles, insects, plants, birds, etc., lose their sole home when a forest is destroyed. These species are distinguished because they cannot survive without forests. Indirectly linked species are also impacted by deforestation in addition to the species that live in the woods directly. Humans perceive the impacts of deforestation over time; they are not immediate. Some of the severe effects of deforestation on humans include poor air quality, very hot temperatures, and a shortage of natural resources.

A region's forests are in charge of preserving its climatic conditions. They assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature that is neither too hot nor too chilly. Rainfall and other natural occurrences are also brought on by forests. There wouldn't be any rain and the climate would be incredibly severe and arid. Deforestation is also a major contributor to shifting climatic patterns all across the world and has been directly connected to global warming.

All essential natural resources for sustaining life are found in and maintained by forests. Most of everything we need, including food, fruits, and groundwater, comes from trees. The loss of trees implies that precipitation will not be prevented from flowing, and as a consequence, it will not be given time to sink through the earth, leading to groundwater depletion. Many other natural resources, like fruits, timber, and so on, will also go extinct. Numerous types of animals, birds, insects, plants, etc. call forests home. These species are forced to the brink of extinction as a result of habitat loss brought on by deforestation. Many species become extinct because they are unable to adapt to a new habitat.

Additionally, the loss of an area's biodiversity as a result of deforestation causes certain permanent ecological effects. The biodiversity suffers a severe hit when forests are destroyed because species go extinct, and the harm is almost irreversible. By reducing runoff flow and enabling it to be absorbed by the soil, forests play a key role in the prevention of floods. If there are no trees, all of the rain's water will run directly into populated areas, resulting in floods. Therefore, the importance of trees in reducing the risk of flooding cannot be overstated.

The worst thing that can happen to the ecosystem is deforestation. In additionally to destroying the ecosystem, it also reduces biodiversity. At all costs, forests must be conserved, and every sincere effort must be made to restore them. A zero-tolerance approach to deforestation must be taken by the government and other organizations. Deforestation has a number of detrimental consequences on the ecology and the climate. It damages the ecology as a whole irreparably, upsetting the delicate ecological balance. Therefore, stopping deforestation and taking appropriate corrective action in this area is our top priority.


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