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Everybody has dreamt a lot of times in their lives. But how to make a dream come true? What is your dream in life? Write an essay about it.

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Dreams differ from one person to another in a generally big way. If a parent basically has two kids, there's a chance that each of them may dream about something different, generally contrary to popular belief. For instance, one youngster could dream of migrating to various locations, while another would basically dream of constructing a tall structure as his home in a very major way. Only when someone literally has a strategy to for all intents and purposes make a dream definitely come true for the most part are dreams important; otherwise, they are pointless. It takes a lot of commitment and effort to mostly realize a dream, which really is fairly significant. Every person wants to basically take a vacation to definitely relax or to rejuvenate themselves before a new beginning, generally contrary to popular belief. Every single person once actually had an for all intents and purposes ideal vacation spot, or so they thought. A dream location kind of is a location one would like to visit at definitely the least once in their lifetime. Just like everyone else, I too definitely have a dream location in a for all intents and purposes big way. Mussoorie actually is my ideal vacation spot. My sincere hope for the most part is to mostly get there at definitely the least once in my lifetime, very contrary to popular belief. I\'ve specifically read a lot of books on this location and its hills in a subtle way. There mostly are several actually exciting tourist destinations, including Kempty Fall and the breathtaking Gun Hill. I generally adore going to mountainous places, and I\'ve always particularly wanted to literally go to Mussoorie in a generally major way. Everybody once for the most part dreamed of having a house built just how they essentially wanted it in a kind of major way. Some people dream of having a castle, while others desire to specifically create a pretty high-rise structure or a home. Aside from this, a tiny number of people also dream of owning a sort of little home that contains all the necessities in an actually major way. I basically have a well-thought-out strategy for my dream house, just as every person actually has a plan for the home of his or her dreams. I\'d like a tiny, charming house with all the amenities to actually call home rather than a castle or a cottage, or so they really thought. Due to my love of serenity and dislike of the kind of constant noise of the city, I also dream of establishing a home outside of it, kind of next to hills in a subtle way. I thus mostly want to particularly construct my sort of ideal home in a particularly serene area where I may essentially live far from the city, or so they particularly thought. Every kind of single student with all intents and purposes hopes to for all intents and purposes be accepted into a reputable institution or university. Almost every student\'s desire actually is to really enroll in a school with some sort of acknowledged niche or significance. Admission to a regular institution does not accurately basically represent our personalities the way admission to a reputable university does in a subtle way. One mostly has to for all intents and purposes have an education from a reputable college in order to have a better future. The pursuit of dreams necessitates sleepless nights in a big way. Whatever desire you have, no matter what field it relates to will mostly require all of very your tenacity, integrity, and effort, actually contrary to popular belief. Therefore, get up and definitely start pursuing particularly your aspirations because, once you do, pretty your for all intents and purposes entire existence will actually be cut short, or so they particularly thought.

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bởi tuanduc18 ● Cộng Tác Viên Cử nhân (2.3k điểm)
The first thought that comes to us when we talk about dreams is that they must be events that take place while we are asleep. A dream includes sights, feelings, and thoughts. Everybody observes dreams, and everyone has dreams at some point in their lives. However, few of them can recall it. The most common scenario is that a person sees a dream, forgets it totally, then occasionally remembers it in fragments. A dream has a far broader meaning than just an idea, image, or feeling that arises in our subconscious brains while we are asleep.

A person's dream is defined as "a sequence of ideas, pictures, and sensations that occur in their head while they are sleeping." It may also refer to "a beloved goal, objective, or ideal." But in this case, a dream is a goal or an aim. A dream is an interpretation of the thoughts and feelings we experience while we are asleep. When asked what a dream is, practically everyone responds with this extremely typical response. But in this case, we'll talk about the idea of a dream rather differently. A dream is much more than simply keeping your eyes closed while thinking. The old English word "dram," which signifies joy or song, is where the term "dream" first appeared.

The majority of us live with dreams every day. Some of us take it seriously, while others choose to ignore it. We should be conscious of the reality that every person has to have a dream, nevertheless. The issue now is: Why is it essential for everyone to have dreams? The solution is simple: Everyone has to have dreams because they provide us with a purposeful reason to live a happy life. Living without a dream is no different from living like an animal. A person must also value his or her dreams if they are to be properly cherished.

Everybody dreams. No human being is able to claim that they do not dream. Because having a dream is not something that is planned; rather, it develops on its own as a person matures. When I say "dream," I don't simply mean the stream of ideas we used to have while we were sleeping; rather, I mean a goal or motivation I have for doing anything. A dream is what we refer to if a string of ideas in our brain occurs both while we are awake and while we are asleep. If they occur while we are awake, then yes, that is what we refer to as a dream. Individuals have different dreams; some want to be wealthy, some want to work as IAS officers, and so on. I have a dream in life, just like everyone else. My dream profession would be to soar beyond the skies, therefore I decided to pursue an aviation career. I want to succeed as a flight attendant because I also enjoy helping people and interacting with individuals from all cultures. Everybody can fulfill their ambitions, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort.

Our goals can be attained in a few straightforward methods. It is crucial that each and every person be committed to doing their task. The importance of being committed to one's job cannot be overstated if one truly wishes to make their dreams come true. One of the essential ingredients for success is optimism. To achieve one's goals, it is crucial to have a good attitude and frame of mind. One should be firm or clear with their dream since changing from one dream to another might be difficult for us and prevent us from achieving our ambition. When pursuing our ambition, it is also vital to take a rest. One should take care of their health along with pursuing their objectives. When working for the fulfillment of a desire, a person should be completely honest. Working honestly will help him or her get closer to their goals. 

A true dream is something that prevents us from falling asleep since it requires all of our days, nights, and sleep to make it come true. It is crucial for someone to put in a lot of effort to realize their dreams. Our living is shaped by our Dream. Everyone has dreams, but only those that can be really treasured can be considered real. While having a desire is simple, pursuing it to its fulfillment is challenging. To fulfill their ambitions, everyone needs to put in a lot of effort.


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