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1.Many astronauts said that it was            to see the Earth from space. WONDER

2.Oxygen is essential for the          of all plants and animals, whether they live on the land or in the water. SURVIVE

3.Astronauts who are orbiting the Earth often experience sensation of            . WEIGHT

4.John Harrison is a space                  who wants to destroy Earth. TERROR

5.WWF is committed to saving                    animals such as black rhino, leatherback turtle and saola. DANGER

6.UFO, which means flying saucer, is the abbreviation for                    Flying Object. IDENTIFY

7.95% of the atmosphere on Mars is carbon dioxide, which is                     to breathe. POISON

8.NASA has found out that Kepler-62e has some                      to Earth. SIMILAR

9.Do you think astronauts feel a great sense of                   when they travel alone in space? LONELY

10.NASA scientists believe the                       of alien life is not that far away from Earth. EXIST
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1. Wonderful

2. Survival

3. wightlessness

4. terrorist

5. endangered

6. Unidentified

7. poisonous

8. Similarities

9. Loneliness

10. existence

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1/ Wonderful







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1.A fable is an               short story that teaches a moral lesson.      IMAGINE 2.Once upon a time there was a happy and                   ladybug.       CHEER 3.Alice was               when she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.       FRIGHT 4.While ... when the witch made the dog             disappear.       MAGIC 10.Tam's stepmother and half-sister were           and wicked.       CRUELTY
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1. We take part in a lot of activities in our community. (culture)   2. The photo brought back many happy memeories of my ......... (child)   3. We used to........ of our home village when we lived overseas. (thought)   4. ..........., we used to cook five-colour sticky rice on the first day of the lunar month. (tradition)
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  Give the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the following sentences. 46. I hadn't been to the city for 20 years and it was almost .. ... recognize 47. His boss told him off because he had behaved . ... responsible 48. They all ... appear in this theatre.  perform 55. I'm sorry for my . ..but I hate being kept waiting. patient  
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31. India, downing trees / and power lines, causing / has hit / widespread damage / a powerful cyclone /./ 32. what would you do? / If you had / and playing games andlessly, / a 15-year-old / boy staying up too late /./
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Give the correct form of the words in brackets : 1.It's very dangerous to fall.................when having an accident. (sleep) 2. Tim and Shannon want to visit an .................... institute in VietNam. (ocean) 3. We had an ..............trip to Sapa last year. ( ... in the rice-cooking.................(compete) 6. Nha Trang, a province in Khanh Hoa, is a................resort. (mountain).
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1. Light pollution make us___to see the stars in the sky.(able) 2. Noise is considered as___pollution.(enviroment) 3. The soil becomes___because of the use of so many pesticides and fertilizers.(contaminate) 4. ___waste spills can contaminate groundwater.(industry) 5. ___habitats have been ... the sky and outer space.(difficult) MN giúp em nha. Mấy anh chị khi làm chỉ viết đáp án ra là được.  
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       36. ............, the barber cut my hair too short.                                                  (LUCKY)    37. During my father's ............. the family lived in Truong Thanh Village.   (CHILD)    38. The singer is always ... cartoons.                                              (INTEREST)    45. Solar energy, wind power and water power are ...... sources of energy. (ALTERNATE)    
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Complete the sentences with the correct form of have to or must. You ________ be at school before the bell rings. You ________ copy the work of other students in exams. You ________ put your mobile phone in your bag during the class. You ________ chew gum in ... You ________ keep silent during the class. Raise your voice if you have any questions. You ________ follow your school and class's rules.
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1. ............................... are often anxious before the interview .                        INTERVIEW 2, We need to hire a program ............................ for our program .                     EVALUATE 3. So far we have got 100 ................. ... ......................   DEVELOP 5. Farmers heve been slow to make ....................... for their retirement.                   PROVIDE
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1. If they ________ (not create) the reserve, the animals ________ (die). 2. If they ________ (leave) the rain forest, they ________ (not survive). 3. I think you ________ (die) if that snake ________ (bite) you.
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