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Write about an activity or sport that you enjoy. Do you like to practice? How often? Why do you enjoy this activity or sport?

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In Vietnam, we like participating in many spectator sports and individual sports. In reality, our government supports our participation in sports. Anyway, I'd want to talk about a sport today that I play the most, along with many others around my nation. Football is the name of this activity. In fact, once the new Vietam national football league was established in 2009, football is by far the most popular sport in my nation. In addition, football has a long and illustrious history in my nation, which once boasted one of the best Asian teams, along with Iran and South Korea, and twice won the Asian Games football competitions in 1966 and 1970 as well as finishing second to champion and host Iran in the 1968 Asian Cup. Vietnam’s youth team had also won the second place in U23 Asian Championship in 2018, by far was the most successful achievement in Vietnam football history. Anyway, when I was younger, I could play this sport with my friends and neighbors anywhere in our streets, where I lived, because the streets were not particularly congested. But now that I'm older, I only play this great sport on the field by dividing my friends and neighbors into two teams of 11 players each, and we play like true professionals. In fact, every year in our town, we organize a "friendly cup" football tournament for our wards ("ward" is a local city authority in my country) where the winning team is recognized. In fact, when our "ward" team participates in this friendly cup football tournament, we cheer and scream for them so that they become spirited and energized to score goals. Anyway, I like this sport because it allows me to socialize with my friends and neighbors while also having fun on the field. The game helps me recover from the fatigue and exhaustion of my hectic work schedule. Finally, unlike any other sport, it allows me to stay physically fit and healthy.

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A. optional B.forceful C.compulsory D.required
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Write an email to a friend about the picnic you enjoyed (Viết email về những hoạt động hay buổi đi chơi để nói cho bạn bè)
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