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COVID-19 made us stay at home for a long time last year. What do you think about lockdown in our country? Write an essay about it.

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The term "lockdown" describes the restriction of citizens' regular freedoms of movement and socialization. A competent authority has imposed it in order to stop any unfavorable events. The government of Vietnam imposed a lockdown for many months in order to stop the spread of a new coronavirus illness. Find some well-written writings about the lockdown here if you want to learn more.
The Vietnam government has put in place a lockdown emergency plan in an effort to stop the development of a new coronavirus pandemic. In the beginning, the government imposed a lockdown that lasted for 21 days over the whole nation. It was then extended for several months to 4 areas of the country, and the state governments further imposed it in accordance with their respective states' needs. For more than 150 days, Vietnam was in lockdown.
Novel coronavirus illness travels quickly from person to person and is extremely infectious. The new coronavirus is the first sickness to be known to spread at such a rapid rate. There is no choice except to treat the affected symptomatically, although the extent of a person's eventual recovery mostly depends on their resilience and immune system. According to this scenario, the lockdown appears to be the only realistic and efficient way to stop the sickness from spreading.
The lockdown's most important and beneficial effect is this. The brand-new coronavirus is extremely infectious and spreads quickly from one person to another. When there is a lockdown, social distance is effectively maintained by forbidding all human interaction. This social isolation significantly aids in limiting the disease's spread. Nevertheless, given how profoundly it has impacted us in several ways, we are unable to foresee the lockdown lasting for an extended period of time.
A nationwide lockdown is bad for the economy and a setback for the country's development and prosperity. Railways and road transport companies lose millions of dollars as a result of the suspension of transportation. The most impacted groups are daily wage workers and small companies. Our GDP is declining by -9.6% this year, which is highly concerning since it will inevitably result in inflation.
This is a noteworthy benefit of the lockdown. The air quality index increases significantly as all forms of transportation are halted and individuals are prohibited from wandering aimlessly. Within a day or two following the lockdown, the shift was noticeable.
Lockdown was beneficial for the staff and the emergency services in a way that didn't add to their stress. Their job becomes incredibly simple and convenient without the regular traffic and rush hour.
Millions of individuals throughout the world have been impacted by the coronavirus sickness ever since it was first discovered in China in November 2019. The illness is very infectious and spreads at a rate that has never been seen before.
A lockdown's purpose is to create social distance between people, limiting unwanted social gatherings and the transfer of illness from one person to another.
Even though the lockdown in Vietnam is severe for the socially and economically disadvantaged, many individuals and groups have offered their assistance. Numerous well-known celebrities, producers, and corporate entities donated millions of crores of rupees to the Prime Minister Relief Fund as soon as the lockdown was implemented. During the lockdown, this money was utilized to buy food and give financial assistance to the underprivileged. During the lockdown period, food packages were delivered by government officials to ensure that no one went hungry.
By applauding and rejoicing within their own homes, Vietnam has also shown a great deal of gratitude for the emergency services workers and medical experts who have helped them. Aside from this shutdown, Vietnam is now ranked second on the global list of most impacted nations. We avoided communal spread in Vietnam thanks to the lockdown. The vaccine has been created, and it will soon be available for purchase. However, some public spaces, like schools and theaters, are still closed, and this is required until we are all immunized.
For tiny enterprises, underprivileged groups, and daily wage workers, the lockdown was a difficult and painful experience. These folks, who had lost their source of income and had fewer savings, perceive the lockdown to be financially ruinous. Having said that, a lockdown is still required to safeguard lives. People who are employed on a long-term basis frequently have the option of working from home and are least affected by a lockdown. During this time, the suspension of all public transportation caused inconveniences.
Every day for a few hours, the local government lifted the lockdown to allow residents to go grocery shopping and perform other tasks. Although there was more freedom, it was still prohibited for individuals to congregate in big groups or wander around aimlessly. Meanwhile, emergency services like the police, hospitals, and municipalities continued to operate as normal.
Although we felt secure when the government made such a significant decision, other analysts say the lockdown was an impromptu move that had an immediate impact on the whole country. Other than Vietnam, several other nations have also used lockdown, but they are strong enough to handle the economic harm that lockdown causes. It wouldn't be incorrect to state that the shutdown stopped the spread of this virus, but at the same time, once it was released in Vietnam, the number of cases began to rise quickly. Vietnam rose to become the second-most affected nation. Therefore, we cannot argue that the lockdown was genuinely effective in this sense.



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