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Every time I hear my mother's voice say "Go to the table to study, son", I feel happy because I can sit at the table that my father built for me last year. It was the table my father gave me for my birthday, he wanted me to be able to study harder. The table is firmly closed, made of durian wood that my father cut in the garden and was soaked in water a few years ago. The table top is glossy, deep brown, rectangular longer than both of her arms. The length of the table is more than a meter and the width is half the length. I put a lot of books on the table, manually arranged the table to be neat and tidy. The study table is attached to the chair, which is very suitable for studying. On the study table, in addition to storing books, I also put the children's story books that my father bought for me since I was a baby. Sometimes my mother brings a beautiful flower vase to cover on the table to make my table more beautiful. Under the table, Dad built a large desk drawer, and divided it into many different compartments so that he could store non-study books in it to avoid entanglement. In each small cabinet, I am free to put different items such as toys, broken pens, old books. Although the table is two years old, the surface is still shiny, smooth, not much scratched. My mother still told me to take care of the desk like a friend to be able to study well. The table was a gift from my father, my dear friend. I will love the table and always clean it so that she is always clean and tidy.

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