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Our globe is steadily becoming hotter, with recent years seeing a considerable increase in temperature owing to pollution. The threat of climate change has generated worries since it is constantly causing damage to the planet in the different types of heat waves, leading to the melting of glaciers, the permanence of which is critical for human life. This article will first address the causes of global warming as well as potential remedies.

To begin with, the use of traditional fossil energy in vehicles and major industries has resulted in the release of hazardous gases such as carbon dioxide, resulting in greenhouse gases that damage the ozone layer. This has harmed a vital layer that keeps our world from becoming hotter. Furthermore, companies and thermal plants emit massive amounts of gas, contaminating our atmosphere and negatively impacting global weather. Recent research, for example, found that 90-kilogram tons of damaging gases are emitted globally, which is equivalent to three nuclear bombs and poses considerable damage to the globe.

There are several methods, such as tree planting, non-conventional fuel use, and solar energy, that can considerably assist in mitigating global warming. Planting trees increases oxygen levels and reduces dangerous gases since plants consume co2 from the atmosphere as a key component of their diet. Liquid hydrogen, a non-traditional fuel, may be utilised to minimise emissions from key industries and traffic. Ultimately, solar energy has emerged as a major source of power generation, which may be applied in a variety of different fields to lessen the effect of air pollution.

Finally, we face a major threat in the shape of global climate change. It is also the responsibility of each individual on the globe to safeguard our planet; humanity must wake up if we are to ensure the survival of subsequent generations and provide them with the same home in which we inhabited.

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