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cheer sb up|get away with sth|go for sb|pass out|put up with sth|set off|tear sth up

2.Carol's children are very badly behaved-I don't know how she___

3.We're going to have an early night as we___ at 6a.m tomorrow.

4.Matt's girlfriend has left him, so his friends are trying to___

5.Nobody could prove that Bill had stolen the car and so he___

6.It's too hot and I'm feeling dizzy.I think I ___

7.The letter made Karl furious, so he___and put it in the bin.

8.Emma's dog bit her last night-it___ as she was opening the door

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2.put up with them

-put up with sb/sth : chịu đựng ai/ thứ gì

3.will set off

-set off : khởi hành

4.cheer him up

-cheer sb up : làm ai đó vui lên

5.get away with it

-get away with : không bị trừng phạt

6.will pass out

-pass out : bất tỉnh

7.teared it up

-tear sth up : xé nát thứ gì

8.went for

-go for : tấn công

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