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What do you know about generation gap? Why generation gap is increasing? How can we do to reduce it?

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bởi tuanduc18 ● Cộng Tác Viên Cử nhân (2.3k điểm)
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The first thought that comes to mind when we discuss the generation gap is that it must involve two extremely different people whose ages differ by at least ten years, or we may say a minimum of ten years. The generational divide is a widespread issue that affects practically all facets of society. It is not a brand-new issue, but it has grown to the point that people are talking about it and are worried. The phrase "generation gap" has a far broader meaning than is generally given credit for. Another name for it is the generational divide. There are differences in the views, ideas, and thoughts of the two generations. People find it challenging to concur with the viewpoints of the other generation when there is a generational divide.

The Latin word "generate"—which eventually became "generate," meaning "to make or produce"—is the source of the English term "generation." Unlike the noun generation, the verb "generate" is a verb. Literally, "a space or interval" or "a break in continuity" are what gaps signify. It simply means that the current generation and their prior generation have divergent viewpoints on a number of issues. Lack of traits that would enable different generations to understand one another and find common ground leads to generational gaps. Almost everyone views it as a very significant issue. It is a contentious issue inside one's own family. The family is frequently left hollow. Let's look at a few examples of the generation divide right now.

Our parents could believe that their ward is squandering his time online if they are unaware of the online classes we frequently choose to take. And in this case, if the ward cannot effectively communicate the precise facts to his parents, he may experience generational conflict. We frequently observe our grandparents adhering to the custom of getting their grandkids married between the ages of 18 and 25. But many young people nowadays don't think getting married so young makes sense. In this respect, the generational divide is a problem.

When we look back at our history, we can see that the 18th century was characterized by relatively sluggish growth, which led to very infrequent changes in both the technological and social attitudes of the populace. Therefore, it was simpler for individuals to hold on to the same beliefs and ideas for a long time at that time. As a result, there was no such thing as a generation gap because individuals had been adhering to the same customs for a very long time.

However, when it comes to the 20th or 21st centuries, we can see that there has been a tremendous change in both technology and the way that people think. People's lives change drastically every ten years in the modern day. The next day, fresh technical advancements are shown to us. Parents are seldom aware of the latest technology, while their child grows extremely intelligent, and this causes friction between parents and pupils. The explanation of new technology to parents' children frequently irritates them, which leads to conflict between the generations.

The "communication gap" is one of the most frequent reasons for the generational divide. Children frequently find themselves preoccupied with their electronic devices and unable to spend time with their parents. And as a result, there is a communication gap between parents and children, leading to a generational gap.

It has a lot of detrimental impacts. The result is strife among the people. For instance, it is evident that there will be a disagreement between us if someone does not share our point of view. It also leads to regular family arguments. Children occasionally don't appreciate their parents' decisions due to the generational divide, and vice versa. People of one generation frequently criticize others of the opposite generation.

From the aforementioned facts, it is clear that the generation gap has an impact on the relationships between those from two distinct generations. Therefore, we should make every effort to build a bridge across the generations so that nothing bad may happen to our relationships. This leads us to the conclusion that the generation gap is actually a very severe issue, and we should all work to solve it. It is crucial to resolve this issue for the sake of the next generation.

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bởi nhthuyvy16 ● Cộng Tác Viên Tiến sĩ (16.5k điểm)
Although we hear the term "generation gap" frequently, we frequently miss its true significance. The generational divide is a major issue in the modern world. The majority of families experience this issue. The generation gap in today's society may be observed even in age differences of ten years. Given the importance of understanding and discussing the generation gap, we have presented you with its genuine definition and shortcomings in this article.

People suffer from the generation gap everywhere, as is well known, whether they are at home, at school, or at work. People of all generations should be concerned about it, not just those in the current age. The difference in perception, belief, and cognition between two generations is known as a generation gap. There may be a generation gap in the home, the workplace, or the classroom. People from two distinct generations have divergent viewpoints on the same idea when there is a generational gap.

The generation gap between parents and their children is among the most prevalent. They have similar psychological and emotional gaps, which causes them to experience many highs and lows together. Additionally, there is a lack of understanding between them since children may prefer to speak in dialects that are foreign to their parents and are thus hard for them to comprehend. In cases when there is a generational divide between teachers and students, the relationship between them is weakened since some older professors do not readily concur with the advice offered by the kids. People frequently make comparisons between two generations, claiming that their generation was superior to or much superior to the preceding age. These are the few examples that demonstrate the generational difference the most clearly.

As we can see, the generational divide is widening quickly these days. Every generation suffers roughly the same amount as the one before it. This is a result of the rapid advancement and change in technology, as well as in human values and lifestyle. People used to have patience and wait for things to be done properly and methodically, but today's youth want their tasks completed and their issues resolved as quickly as possible.

There is no question that the older generation has more experience than the younger, but many in this generation prefer to accomplish things quickly and simply rather than learning from their elders. They fail to remember that learning has always been a superior process.

Instead of relying solely on their technology, kids should constantly attempt to learn from their elders. Learning has always been a give-and-take process; it is always mutually beneficial. Therefore, the younger generation should choose to learn from their elders and educate them about the most recent innovations. Both will be able to increase their knowledge in this way.

It is crucial to close the generational gap since it is an important problem. The generation gap can be narrowed in many different ways. For instance: Both the younger and older generations should respect each other's ideas, opinions, and beliefs. The friendship between the two generations is strengthened through respecting one another's viewpoints. There should be an effort made by both generations to close the generation gap. People may develop conflicts if there is no exchange of ideas and viewpoints between them. This is because there won't be any communication between them. Try to build up a pleasant relationship between the two generations. so that discussing differing points of view will be simpler. 

We might get the conclusion that the generational divide is a problem that is steadily causing issues among individuals. We should all attempt to work together for the development of society because it is impossible for one person to battle this issue alone.


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